Projects funded in Tourism…

The kinds of tourism business start-up and business development projects that are likely to attract funding will be those developing high quality visitor products and services that link tourism providers, extend the tourism season and encourage visitors to stay.
These grants could be for: new or existing micro or small businesses (this includes farm businesses diversifying into tourism activities); community groups; a group of rural tourist businesses working together to develop joint activity; local authorities; charities public-private partnerships; Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs); organisations in charge of tourist and recreational development, for example a destination organisation (that is, an organisation whose role is to promote tourism in a particular location or area).
The maximum grant rate and amounts will depend on whether or not the project is a commercial project which aims to generate an operating surplus, regardless of the type of applicant organisation. Grant limits are:
  • up to 40% of the eligible project costs for commercial tourism projects and awarded under de-minimis state aid rules;
  • up to 80% for non-profit making projects that have a benefit in terms of value added to the wider local tourist economy, (for example events and festivals) and where there is some income to offset costs; and
  • up to 100% for projects that have a benefit in terms of value added to the wider local tourist economy where there is no income, such as paths, cycle paths, signage and interpretation boards for paths and trails, visitor information centres.

Successful projects to date…

Meon Springs

£11,999.40 provided to help with a shepherds hut glamping project.

1.5 FTE jobs created.





Chawton House Farm

£12,000 provided to help with an eco-pods glamping project.  

At least 1 FTE job created.







Holden Farm

£9,289.96 provided to help with campsite toilet & shower facilities.  

At least 1 FTE job created.



Butser Ancient Farm  Awarded £9,700 to help improve their visitor centre and retail offer 

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