Projects funded in Farming…

Funds under this priority will support a wide range of farm investments. They are particularly for businesses that want to invest in innovative business practices and new technologies to help them become more sustainable and productive. Any application will have to demonstrate how it contributes to the growth of the business and preferably job creation. Grants are not available for investments in standard agricultural or horticultural practices.

There are 4 main types of projects that could be supported under this priority (1): 1a) a project to improve the overall performance and sustainability of an agricultural holding; 1b) an investment to support animal health and welfare improvements; 1c) the processing, marketing and/or development of agricultural products; or 1d) an investment in reservoirs and irrigation systems.

The maximum grant rate is capped at 40% of the eligible project costs.

Successful projects to date…

Windmill Farms

£21,200 provided to help with a precision seed drill project, to be shared between farms, to improve productivity.

Pepperpot Nursery

£11,056 towards building a new productions and processing barn and to create new jobs.

Matterley Estate

£6,160.80 provided to help with an auto-ID tag project to improve animal welfare.





Glidden Farm

£21,110.95 awarded to support a) implementing an automated milking cluster, b) purchasing a head scoop and c) upgrading the cow activity monitoring system

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