Project successes

LEADER has benefited our community in many ways…

In excess of £2m has already been allocated to 146 projects. By creating new jobs, helping to sustain existing employment, supporting new and developing businesses and enabling rural communities to improve facilities, buildings and open spaces, the Fieldfare LEADER programme continues to provide essential investment in the local rural economy.

The projects cover a wide area (this map currently only shows those projects in the current programme but all will be added over time):


Examples of projects include:

Two Hoots Campsite, Bighton, Alresford

Eco pod

Dave and Caz owners of industry award winning Two Hoots campsite are committed to eco camping. When they purchased the site, they saw a great opportunity to add value and offer an alternative camping experience.

Grant funding helped them to purchase three pods. The pods are tucked in a bluebell copse within the campsite and offer a great, unique accommodation experience. The first pods of their type in Hampshire!  The grant helped them to make better use of their own financial investment and achieve their ambitions much earlier than they had anticipated. It also allowed them to improve the local tourism offer.

Holden Farm, Cheriton

Holden Farm

This project received funding from the first LEADER programme to build a new barn for rental to a local tree growing business. It is a great example of a farm diversification project.

Holden farm Camping Following the success of this project, a family member also set up a new camping offer and received funding towards the facilities building.