Applying for funding

Excellent service provided by Ken Brown and his team meant that applying for the grant was a lot less daunting than it could have been

Our Local Action Group now prioritises single item, capital purchases for Fieldfare LEADER funding. These will each require 3 quotes from independent suppliers.  The Rural Payments Agency funding approval process can take a number of months. You can commence work only once your project has been officially approved.

There are a number of stages and questions for the applicant’s journey:-

  1. Read the Applicant’s Handbook (LEADER G1 Applicant Handbook Fieldfare FINAL VERSION with REVISED MAP) and Local Development Strategy (Microsoft-Word-Fieldfare-LAG-LDS-FINAL-2015-1-9-14 (1). Is my project eligible for funding?


  1. If yes, complete the Initial Interest  Form on our website.


  1. A team member will call you to discuss your project idea further.


  1. If a strategic fit, we will email you the Expression of Interest Forms with a 4 week deadline.


  1. Next, we will process your Expression of Interest Forms and if successful email you the Full Application forms with an 8 week deadline and a requirement to attend an Applicant Workshop before submission. You will be appointed a Project Sponsor to help you. Contact us on 01962 848 449 or email FieldfareLeader@Winchester.Gov.UK to book a place.


  1. We will complete a number of checks, including Completeness, an independent Appraisal and Quality Control.


  1. The Local Action Group panel will then decide if the project should be funded.


  1. If yes, a contract called a Grant Funding Agreement is created.


  1. The project starts.


  1. Once the money has been spent and the invoices paid a Claim can be made to receive the grant funding.